Basic KODI Settings

First off, we want to change some settings in KODI.

  1. Enter the Setting Menu. Highlight or select “System” from the main menu bar. Once the submenu appears underneath, select “Settings”. Anytime when you want to change the settings in KODI, just follow these sets to bring up the setting page.
  2. [Optional] Disable RSS Feed. The first thing we want to do is disable the RSS feed. The RSS feed is go for NEWS via RSS feed but it increase CPU and network load. To disable it, go to Appearance > Skin > Show RSS news feeds > [De-Select]
  3. Timezone, Temperature unit, etc. While we are in KODI setting, lets also setup the Timezone, Temperature unit, etc. Go to Appearance > International > Timezone County then Timezone and change any other settings you see fit.

Quick LibreELEC/OpenELEC Guide

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  2. Basic KODI Settings
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