TinkerKit Tutorial: Basics: 11 – First block test: Traffic Light

Basic Lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Setup
  3. Arduino Software
  4. Starting with the code
  5. Sensors and Actuators
  6. Button & IF statement
  7. Serial Communication
  8. Connect Sensors and Actuators
  9. Button States
  10. FOR Loop
  11. Traffic Light

It’s the time for a small challenge: in order to consider yourself a master of the TinkerKit basics, try to build a working traffic light model.

Some more details: Start with three LEDs that simulate a real traffic light, then add a new one that is the light for pedestrians. This last LED is always off until someone has to cross the road and trigger the call for the green light, using an input of your choice. Try to guess which sensor we used for our project.
When the light for pedestrians is on, the light for cars must be red. When after some time the pedestrians’ light turns back off, the other traffic light goes back to normal activity.

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