2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some robotics holiday gift? Here are some gift ideas for everyone on your list.


The Arduino Starter Kit

First off, our flavour gift so far: The Arduino Starter Kit.

With a price around $115 (depending on daily exchange rate), this kit have everything a starter will need to complete 15 different projects in the world of Arduino.


CAROBOT Arduino Discovery Kit (Lite)

If you are looking for something a bit less complicated, we have a slimmed down version of the Arduino Starter Kit while still retaining the essential: The CAROBOT Arduino Discovery Kit (Lite)

The lighter version of Arduino starter kit will walk a beginner through 8 different projects in the world of Arduino.


CAROBOT Raspberry Pi Starter Bundle

What if that person on your list is not a big fan of servos and motors but want to do more programming instead? We have another gadget for them as well and that’s the Raspberry Pi (and no, it’s not an eatable pie.)

The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that is as powerful as your cell phone (or a Pentium I computer back in the day). The CAROBOT Raspberry Pi Starter Bundle has all the essentials you’ll need to start playing with a Raspberry Pi (minus the keyboard, mouse and monitor).


CAROBOT Raspberry Pi Media Centre Bundle

Some of the common application people are using the Raspberry Pi for is turning it into a media centre. Although the CAROBOT Raspberry Pi Starter Bundle can turn into a media centre with simple steps, we have a no brainer solution (other than plugging in cables and loading some media centre add-on/channels): The CAROBOT Raspberry Pi Media Centre Bundle.



For early exploration into electronics, one of the popular choices is littleBits. littleBits are small electronics modules that snaps together with magnetic connectors. A lot of schools and library are using them to introduce electronics.

Toy Robots

For the more advance tinker, maybe try putting together a OWI Robot Arm Edge (no intelligent control) or OWI 3 in 1 All-Terrain Robot (no intelligent control). Even though the two suggestions mentioned have no intelligent built-in, in the world of Arduino, every toy can be hacked with a little thought.

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