A user-friendly robotics lawn mower might be available soon!

According to an article on cnet.com, iRobot might have a robotics lawn mower for sale very soon.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), equivalent to the Radio and Wireless division of Industry Canada, recently waived Section 15.250(c) of its rules for iRobot to develop robotics lawn mower that will operate in the 6240-6740 MHz band. Previously, use of this band is only permitted on-board a ship or terrestrial transportation vehicle (ie. car). After this waiver, antenna transmitting in the frequency band can be used on fixed land application.

iRobot hasn’t officially announced plans to develop robotics lawn mowers. Yet, we know for sure that it is on their drawing board because the FCC waiver already outlined details of its operating procedures. According to the waiver, the system will use beacons, similar to their lighthouse for the Roomba, sticking out from the ground for navigation. The beacons will talk to each other to establish the size of the lawn, probably by the use of GPS and/or triangulation. Then it will guide the robot in cutting the lawn.

There were opposition to the waiver because the band is currently allocated to satellite communication. However, FCC found that the lift will have greater benefit to the public than keeping the band for satellite only.

Robotics lawn mower is not something new. LawnBott already make robotic lawn mower for a price tag of around $2000 USD. However, it rely on guide wires for navigation.

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