As Summer comes to a close, so is our Summer Robotics Classes.

For the past two months, CAROBOT Learning conducted a robotics class that taught kids from Age 8-14 on the basics of Arduino Programming and robotics theories. From LEDs blinking to Buzzers beeping to Rovers rooming, our students enjoyed every second of it and always wanted to stay longer for more. Because of the great amount of fun we had, we are running the classes again this fall starting from Sep 24 to Nov 19, every Saturday. Since some of our students already graduated from our introduction program, we now offer two levels: Level 1 for student with little to no previous experience with Arduino Programming and robotics rover; and Level 2 for students who completed our Level 1 course or for students with previous knowledge in Arduino.

Fall Robotics Classes

Come visit our OPEN HOUSE on Sep 17 from 10:30AM-1:00PM at the Milliken Mills Library Classroom.

For more details on the classes, Click here.

Level 1: CR101-01 (Sign-up today), Sep 24 to Nov 19, 2016 every Saturday 10:30AM-11:30PM

Level 2: CR201-01 (Sign-up Today), Sep 24 to Nov 19, 2016 every Saturday 11:30AM-1:00PM

Robotics-Classes-(English)-Lvl-1---2016-Sept-Nov Robotics-Classes-(English)-Lvl-2---2016-Sept-Nov

Here are some photos from our previous classes:




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  1. This is a great program. Here in the UK we need all the engineers and those with computer skills we can get. Many similar initiatives are badly needed.

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