Come say “Hello World!” to us at Maker Festival Toronto Aug 1-2

Come say “Hello World!” to us at Maker Festival Toronto on Aug 1 & 2 taking place at the Toronto Reference Library. Yes, the big library where you cannot borrow majority of its collections and also where some Hollywood movie scenes are filmed at.

We won’t be selling stuffs or displaying products on a table because that’s boring. Instead, we will be putting some of our electronic parts and components in action to present you with an interactive Minecraft LAN arena (4 players max) using the Raspberry Pi. Without using the standard mouse and keyboard, you will be playing Minecraft with controllers that we made/hacked using various sensors and inputs.


Now, we challenge you to put your maker hat on and create your own game controller and come play with us. All the controller needs to have is an XY input as the mouse, four direction buttons for “W”, “A”, “S”, “D”, one button for right mouse click, one button for space bar, and interface through USB. We won’t be using the left mouse click because we don’t want to destroy the Minecraft world. Controller board with USB-Native processor such as the Arduino Leonardo or Teensy can be used to easily achieve this.


Alternatively, if you are a big time Minecraft world maker and/or Python programmer, create a cool Minecraft Pi version world and share it with us so we can play it together at Maker Festival Toronto.

Leave a comment or Contact us if you accept the challenge.

See you there.

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