Genuino, the new “-uino” from

This past few weeks has been crazy at Canada Robotix with all the holiday season orders. Thank you very much for all your support!

Christmas came a bit early for us here because we got our first Genuino boards shipment from In our first shipment are some Genuino Uno, Genuino Mega, and Genuino Zero. We’ll be getting the Genuino Starter Kit very soon.

We still haven’t got our hand on some decently priced Raspberry Pi Zero yet but we are working on it. Stay tuned.

We, at Canada Robotix, do not take side in the battle of Arduino vs Arduino and we try our best not to be bias. This matter is still pending to be tested in court.

We are just presenting the facts here. You are the one to decide which “-uino” camp to join, or both, or none.

If “Arduino vs Arduino” is news to you, you can learn more about it here.


At first glance, the box is very difference than the all blue Arduino box we are used to.

Geniuno 01

Inside the box are the standard contents of stickers and a big “THANK YOU” note. Very similar comparing the Arduino packaging.

Geniuno 02
Genuino Mega and Arduino Mega

From what we understand, they are the same board with the same design and layout. The extra thing we want to point out on the Genuino are the name of the Arduino founders except “Gianluca Martino” and two separated lines for “designed in” and “assembled in”. We are only showing the Mega here but this is the same on the Uno and the Zero. The only difference are the Genuino Uno says “Designed in Italy” and “Assembled in EU” which means it could be any one of these countries (a bit unclear on the exact origin) and the Genuino Zero says “Designed in Norway” and “Assembled in Italy”.

Geniuno 03

The other funny thing we found on the Genuino board is the website which will just redirect you back to The website on the new Arduino Mega board points you to Confused yet? Don’t worry, you are not alone. You can learn more about why there are so many different websites here.

On the software (IDE) side, you can use either the one from or However, until come out with something solid, we recommend using the software from and you never know if anyone of them will pull another VID warning/block.

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  1. Jack, Thanks for carrying both lines for now. I am hopeful that the entity that originated the product will regain control of it. Also glad that they have been able to reconnect with retailers.

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