Maker Festival Toronto 2015 Recap

Make! Make! Make! Hack! Hack! Hack! The Toronto Reference Library near Bloor and Yonge became maker and hacker central last Saturday and Sunday. Makers and hackers from all ages took over the first two floors of the Library to display their latest projects and invention. Along with the others, we displayed ours too. Our Minecraft LAN station powered by Four Raspberry Pi (not the eating one).


Our inspiration behind this project was to create something fun for kids and adults to play with (although it was majority kids who played the game). The purpose was to get patron excited into making with electronics. We didn’t just simply gave patrons a keyboard and a mouse to play Minecraft but we created four different stations with different type of input to inspire and enlighten people on how to incorporate technology and electronics in a different way.

The four stations are: Arcade Joystick (shown on right in the photo above), Wii controller (shown on the left in the photo above), Makey Makey (shown in the photo below), and Android app (shown on the left in the photo below).


Even “Ironkid” (below) came and play Minecraft with us.


It was nice to meet and say hi with a lot of you and thank you for supporting us at the show.


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