Mother’s Day Event

On May 8th 2016, we had our Mother’s Day event at the Mall at Langham Square, Markham. It was a very successful event with lots of children participating in our robotics competition and browsing through our products! Our team helped children make their own simple robotic car out of popsicles, elastic bands, batteries, and a motor to compete in a race at the end of the event. It was an intense competition to see who had the fastest, most creative, and best looking car. Even the parents were anxious during the competition. Though not everyone won, everyone got a participation prize and a certificate for completing their own robotic car.

During the event, we were also promoting our summer robotics classes, in which children ages 8-15 can take to make and program their very own robotic car. Many people took interest in this summer program, even asking if there were going to be any classes in the fall and for adults. Check out our robotics classes for this summer.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the event and hope to see you in our robotics classes this summer!

Below are some photos from the event:

20160508_142151 20160508_142140 20160508_153103 20160508_153946 20160508_154313 20160508_133220

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