Sneak peek of our Maker Festival Display for Aug 1-2


Here’s a sneak peek of the display we are putting together for Maker Festival TO style.

Maker Festival 2015 - 01

Let’s play some Minecraft mini-game that we designed (running on a Raspberry Pi) on LAN with friends and families.

Using some old school joysticks and arcade buttons:

Maker Festival 2015 - 02

Or a Makey Makey setup:

Maker Festival 2015 - 03

And more.

Come say “Hello World!” to us at Maker Festival Toronto on Aug 1 & 2 taking place at the Toronto Reference Library. Yes, the big library where you cannot borrow majority of its collections and also where some Hollywood movie scenes are filmed at.

Saturday: 9AM – 6PM

Sunday: 10AM – 6PM

We’ll be giving away some awesome prizes too! See you there.

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