TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Oct 28-30

The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is Canada’s ultimate technology showcase, connecting trade professionals, media and consumers and we (Canada Robotix) are happy to be part of it. This world-class exposition attracts companies from around the globe and showcases cutting edge technology and innovation spanning a broad range of categories, including wearables, smart devices, video gaming, audio, home theatre, digital imaging products, electronic gadgets, as well as the latest in-car entertainment and technology.


The show will take place from Friday Oct 28 to Oct 30 at Sheraton Parkway Toronto North & Best Western Hotels, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Use discount code exh16 for 50% OFF entrance ticket to the show.

Build Your Robotics Rover using Arduino for Beginners

Remember to sign-up for our robotics workshop on Saturday Oct 29, 4-6pm. This two hours workshop will teach you the basics of Arduino and include all the materials required to build your own robotics Arduino rover for just $100.

Photo 01

This is an introductory course to Arduino that teaches participants to build a robotics rover. This course is designed for adult (or teenager with parental supervision, minimum 14 years old) to learn and build a simple robotics rover using an Arduino microcontroller board. Students will be exposed to Arduino programming, simple robotics and electronics components such as LEDs, resistors, motors and sensors. Students will be provided with all the materials to build the robotics car, which they get to keep after the workshop (and can further tinker with at home). Background in programming and electronics will help but is not required.

Check out what happened at TAVES 2015.

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