Y Lab Kick-Off at Canada Robotix Recap

Canada Robotix hosted the Y Lab kickoff event this Saturday to showcase the robotics/makers’ achievement in York Region. The turnout and the feedback that we got were beyond amazing. We had a 3D printer that was printing an apple and a bow-tie. We had a DIY pick-and-place machine positioning components. We had a Robot watching our every move using the Kinect vision camera. We were even fighting with lightsabers! We also announced a series of events to come within the next two months. It was both enjoyable and educational! This was one of the satellite events for Maker Festival Toronto which Canada Robotix will be one of the makers on August 1-2 at the Toronto Reference Library. Don’t be shy and come say “Hello World” to us!

Below are just a few photos of the event:

[Left] 3D printer printed an apple. [Right] Robot controlled by an Android App (we will be making the app available for download soon!)
The DIY pick-and-place machine with integrated camera for position feedback.
The robot with the Kinect vision camera.

Thank you to everyone who came out and stay tuned! Join us next time for more exciting events and classes!!!

More info on classes and events Y Lab: http://www.ylab.ca/

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